Kirk + Whitney // SODO Park Wedding

Five Seven brilliant things about Kirk + Whitney and their Sodo Park Wedding:

  • Whitney is a Pastry Chef here in the beautiful city of Seattle.
  • How amazing the wedding was yet how comfortable everyone was enjoying themselves.
  • Boone experiencing Kirk’s piano playing (at the Alexis Hotel) while Gabe hangs with the ladies at Swink Style Bar.
  • How cute they are together, check out their Ballard Engagement Session for more proof.
  • The look on Kirk’s face as Whitney walked down the aisle.
  • Did I mention Whitney is a pastry chef, she baked cookies for their guests, and they had sweet treats from some of my favorite places in Seattle? (Bakery Nouveau, Theo Chocolate, Hot Cakes Confections, and Trophy Cupcakes)
  • Did I mention Macarons from Bakery Nouveau?
  • HUGE high fives to our friend Lisa (Chambers & Company) for work with Kirk and Whitney to put on a spectacular wedding.

    1. Glad the guy with the 5D mk II and fong dong look a like made it in! That was a great wedding.

      Boone on January 6th, 2012
    2. Yes, indeed. Thanks for including that jammin’ pic of me!

      Unlce Bob on January 6th, 2012
    3. Your flowers are beautiful. May I ask who did them.
      Sarah Lindsay

      Sarah Lindsay on January 7th, 2012
    4. Thanks Sarah, Bella Rugosa did all of our floral/candle arrangements

      Whitney on January 7th, 2012
    5. Thanks Whitney!

      Gabe on January 9th, 2012