Introducing baby theo!!

What a joy to photograph you guys again.

First let me thank you for having me back to photograph your FAMILY. I’m so happy for you guys and I’m very excited to share your photos with you.

Slideshow - Just like with the wedding, above is a slideshow of my favorite images which will be hosted for the next three months. Please grab a drink, kick back and enjoy the show with each other! (Preferably in Fullscreen mode.) And then share with your family and friends. (Don’t forget to download the video so you’ll have a copy to watch over and over again when he gets big.)

Link to Slideshow:

Photo Gallery - You can find all of the images in your online photo gallery.  Feel free to share the link, anyone you share the gallery with will be able to view the photos and order prints directly from us.  In the photo gallery you are also able to download small web-optimized images using the PIN: 8163 - feel free to share this PIN with friends and family as well.  

Link to Photo Gallery:

High Resolution Image Files - In a separate email you will also receive a link to download the high resolution images. The high resolution images you receive will allow you to make lovely prints yourself. Or if you'd prefer to outsource the work, my lab is second to none and you can easily order prints from the gallery.

Similar to the engagement and wedding photos, to kick off the viewing of your photos we'd like to offer a 25% discount on any prints ordered in the first two weeks (discount does not apply to albums). Please use the code: FAMILY to receive the discount (expires Monday 9/2/19 at midnight PDT). I’m happy to help with any ideas for wall art, prints, etc. 

If you enjoyed working with me and have positive things to say to the world, a quick review on Google or Wedding Wire goes along way for this small business. If you have any suggestions for how I can serve you better, please call or email right away so I can quickly respond to make things right.

I you enjoy your images as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Gabe // 206.229.2436


Important Note: I'm very excited to share your photos with you and hope you love them as much as we do. I want you to be completely taken care of so please get in touch right away if you have any questions, problems or special requests. While we keep all our past photo sessions, we purge our outtakes every quarter. Once we pass the images on to you, the images are officially your responsibility. We highly recommend that you make a copy of the photos as well as back up the images. 

Regarding the image files, we like to include a folder of Large Images which are great for anything print related (photo prints, photo books, etc.). We also like to include a folder of Small Images optimized for the web which are great for anything electronic (email, Facebook, your outdated myspace page, etc. :) The images will be available to download for a limited time so please make sure to download in the timeframe given.