Little League

I have a love for baseball. I grew up playing it. There's a simple joy to throwing and hitting a ball. 

I remember tossing the ball with my dad in the backyard and I have fond memories of collecting baseball cards. Now, as a real-life adult, I have kids making up their own ''full count, bottom of the ninth" scenarios (though they may pretend to be Robinson Cano instead of  Ken Griffey Jr.) and wearing their little league baseball caps to bed. It's an amazing feeling to watch them grow and enjoy some of the same things as I did as a kid. 

With that in mind, I don't love brining my camera to the kids games because I want to be in the moment and enjoy watching them. To see the emotion on their faces when they get a hit or drop a ball rather than putting all my energy into aiming for the perfectly timed and focused image. But earlier this year I bought an old waterproof Nikon point-and-shoot 35mm film camera. It was easy to carry around throughout our summer adventures and allows me to snap a few images here and there and not worry about getting everything perfect. 


Road Trip for Clif Bar

For the past few weeks I've been on a road trip shooting for Clif Bar.  We've been to Olympic, Yosemite, Sequoia, Kings Canyon, Joshua Tree, Las Vegas!, Bryce Canyon, Arches & Canyonlands.  It's been epic.  

Spring 2013

Driving through Skagit County with the family (Spring 2013) we stopped at Snow Goose Produce, Mt. Vernon, WA. I remember stopping here with my family as a kid. Still love their ice cream cones.

Driving through Skagit County with the family (Spring 2013) we stopped at Snow Goose Produce, Mt. Vernon, WA. I remember stopping here with my family as a kid. Still love their ice cream cones.

I developed a 3 year old roll of Film (Kodak Tri-X) from the Spring of 2013. Images from a family trip through the farms (met up with the Moes family, yeah), our food Photography Workshop at The Pantry, date night with Ashley and Baron, and a family trip to Hood River. It's been fun developing BW film at home.

Smoke & Joust

I shot some album art recently (worked with some talented folks, more on this as the project comes to life) and we had some leftovers from the shoot that I thought the kids would have fun playing with. Some 9' cardboard tubes from the seamless paper and a very robust smoke machine. I think I freaked out a few of the neighbors on the new block when smoke filled their yards, but we had a blast. And as a safe Dad, I made them wear their football helmets. What could go wrong?


I've been sketching more in hopes of writing a children's book someday. I've got ideas, still putting everything together. Photo taken at Seattle's King St. Station while waiting for the train to Portland.

Dunton Hotsprings

We recently went to Dunton, Colorado to shoot one of the most amazing birthday parties.  40 friends from Portland came out to celebrate.  Colorado is a dream.  

Humanitarian of the Year

Our Grandfather was recently named the Humanitarian of the year for the Hands for Peacemaking Foundation.  We're extremely proud and honored of him and all the work he has done, but most of all thankful for having him as an example of a life well lived.  And for having him so closely involved in our lives.  

California Road Trip

Spent a few weeks on the road in Southern California this January.  Was good for my soul and eyes.  

Snowday in the Mountains

Let's just say I'm "still getting used to" the focus and meter on this old film camera. But I really enjoyed developing these frames from a few weeks ago (January 2016). We decided to drive up to find snow and it didn't take too long to find a good spot to pull of the road where we goofed around in the snow until we got too cold. Ashley has a good nose for a tasty burger and we soon found ourselves warming up with burgers and fries which was absolutely perfect. We had plans to explore further but car troubles forced our hand to head home. But a faulty volvo thermostat is easily forgettable with memories from an adventure like this. (Kodak Tri-X developed at home. Shot on Canon AE-1.)

Christmas 2015

Our family is fortunate enough to celebrate Christmas with 5 sets of family (including our own family traditions as a family). I really enjoyed being a fly on the wall with one camera and one lens. Love these people.

 Student portraits for Seattle Classical Christians School 2014-2015 year.

For those of you with the love language of Physical Touch.

The Things that Matter Most

Inspired by one of my favorite photographers, Nate Kaiser, I plan to use this 'Personal Blog' space to post images of the thing I love to photograph most in the world. The thing that is nearest and dearest to my heart. My family. Not only are they beautiful people and fun to be around, but I've learned so much about myself and about photography in the process. I hope to quietly leave a cache of beloved images that capture real moments in the life of our family. It's something for future generations and selfishly, it pushes me to create and do life with the people I love. It means being in the quiet moments around the house as well as spurring on adventures together. - Gabe

Swim lessons

Summer 2015 - It's easy to forget the emotion of swim lessons. As a kid I remember being shy and nervous but also so excited about swim lessons. I remember my brothers and I visiting the 'Snack Shack' afterwards and that I often went for the Fun Dip.

Roman took to the pool like a flying fish. It was an overcast day (no big surprise in Seattle) and he was shivering like crazy out of water, but after jumping as high as he could and plunging into the pool he couldn't wait to flip out of the pool onto the deck and scurry back in line for another go at the diving board. Ivy on the other hand would cling tightly onto anything within reach. Two very different experiences but they both can't wait for next summer. Ashley and I sat and watched with huge grins on our faces. It's joyful to see them having so much fun.