Swim lessons

Summer 2015 - It's easy to forget the emotion of swim lessons. As a kid I remember being shy and nervous but also so excited about swim lessons. I remember my brothers and I visiting the 'Snack Shack' afterwards and that I often went for the Fun Dip.

Roman took to the pool like a flying fish. It was an overcast day (no big surprise in Seattle) and he was shivering like crazy out of water, but after jumping as high as he could and plunging into the pool he couldn't wait to flip out of the pool onto the deck and scurry back in line for another go at the diving board. Ivy on the other hand would cling tightly onto anything within reach. Two very different experiences but they both can't wait for next summer. Ashley and I sat and watched with huge grins on our faces. It's joyful to see them having so much fun.