Little League

I have a love for baseball. I grew up playing it. There's a simple joy to throwing and hitting a ball. 

I remember tossing the ball with my dad in the backyard and I have fond memories of collecting baseball cards. Now, as a real-life adult, I have kids making up their own ''full count, bottom of the ninth" scenarios (though they may pretend to be Robinson Cano instead of  Ken Griffey Jr.) and wearing their little league baseball caps to bed. It's an amazing feeling to watch them grow and enjoy some of the same things as I did as a kid. 

With that in mind, I don't love brining my camera to the kids games because I want to be in the moment and enjoy watching them. To see the emotion on their faces when they get a hit or drop a ball rather than putting all my energy into aiming for the perfectly timed and focused image. But earlier this year I bought an old waterproof Nikon point-and-shoot 35mm film camera. It was easy to carry around throughout our summer adventures and allows me to snap a few images here and there and not worry about getting everything perfect.