Shirley Family photos

I'm very excited to share your images!

I’m so glad for the opportunity to photograph your family again, thank you for making it happen. I’m hopeful these will look great on your walls next to the wedding photos.

Above is a slideshow of my favorite images from our time together. It will be hosted for the next three months. Please kick back and enjoy watching it together. And feel free to download a video version of it before it expires.

Photo Slideshow:

The link below will take you to your photo gallery where you’ll be able to view, download and/or purchase any of your photos. Feel free to share the photo gallery with anyone you’d like, just remember that anyone you share the gallery with will be able to order prints directly from me. The photo gallery will allow you to download web resolution images with the same download PIN: 2643.

Photo Gallery:

For the high resolution image files, you will receive an email in the next 24 hours from They make it easy for you to download all the files with the click of a button and confirm with me that you were able to successfully download the files. The high resolution images you receive will allow you to make lovely prints (small or large) in home, or if you'd prefer to outsource the work, our lab is second to none and you can easily order prints from the gallery.

To kick off the viewing of the images, we'd like to offer a 25% discount on any prints ordered in the first 2 weeks (discount does not apply to albums). Please use the code: FAMILY to receive the discount (expires Monday, 10/7/19 at midnight PST). We're happy to help with any ideas for wall art, prints, etc. 

Thank you, please enjoy!

Gabe // 206.229.2436